Clarice Harrison, a native of Orem, Utah is answering a call to serve the Lord in the Yekaterinburg Russia Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for the next 18 months. She will be inviting people in Russia to come unto Christ.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

2011 November 7

So this week has been kind of up and down. We found out that our amazing new investigator V started reading bad things about the church on the internet and so he lied to us and told us he was going out of town to visit his parents. He agreed to meet with us tomorrow night, but I really hope he shows up and if he does its going to be a pretty hard lesson. He was accusing us of lieing about everything. I have never come in this close of contact with this before. Usually the people just stop answering when we call. So it is good he was willing to talk to us on the phone. He was saying things about how some guy wrote the BOM before Joseph Smith did and that the BOM has been rewritten 4000 times or something. It is so sad that it is all so ridiculous and yet so many people believe it. It is too bad that Sis Zaharava is gone. She read all that stuff and was able to see through it all. I don't know how we will be able to explain anything very well in Russian. I hope he will be able to see how we are being honest in everything we say and that we are not out to get him or something stupid. The phone call with him was just so hard. And then we had another crazy phone call. This lady called us and started asking me if she should get an abortion. I think we were able to help her in the end, but I feel less and less adequate with the language. No I am just kidding, I know that the Lord has blessed me so much. The fact that I can even understand half of what everyone is saying is a miracle. I know that there is a reason that the Lord makes us do things we aren't good at so we will rely on him and on the spirit. We were able to have a miracle meeting with our new member who lives outside of the city. It was a miracle because we were able to find a church member to go with us the night before and then the lesson it self was really good. This member, N, still has not come to church since she was baptised. We told her when she gets her paycheck she needs to take out the money she needs to get to church before she uses all the money. She gave us this HUGE jar of Russian jam from some kind of berries that I don't know. We were able to talk to A (our 14 yr old) by phone. She is so crazy busy with school. She is preparing a big presentation right now about our church for her class. She said if she does a really good job then she will be able to present it to the school and then even to the city if she is chosen. She was really excitied to find the scriptures about poligamy in Jacob for her project. Sis Denning of course is a miracle. She is so great. It is still so funny how we had to come all the way to Russia to meet each other. It is fun to serve with her. Well that is about it for this week other that we have about a foot of snow and it has been way below freezing for the last couple of days. Love you all!!!

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