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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Contacting in the wild

2012 February 13,

This week we had some fun things happen:

-I get to teach piano to an active member in our ward. :D She is the wife of a man who served a mission in Moscow when Bro Kelly (Annalise, Jacob, and Spencer's dad) was mission president there. They are the cutest young couple in our area. Sis F's job is to keep their 2 yr old son occupied without touching him. It's a challenge.

-Sis F and I decided to pick a new area to go contact in. We picked it because I have never been there before and we thought we should get to know our area better and because it was by this really big lake. When we got there we realized the only people we could contact were the wild dogs in the forest surrounding the lake and the ice fishermen fishing on the lake. Not a very effective use of time.

-We were able to go visit the new member again outside the city. The senior couple The Coltons and the other sisters went with us. Her 6yr old granddaughter is learning to play the piano and they have this really out of tune piano for her. We talked about the Holy Ghost with her because she has been asking about why before her baptism she felt the Holy Ghost very strongly and then after her baptism she hasn't had any of those same experiences yet. We shared Elder Bednar's talk with her from a couple of conferences ago about receiving the Holy Ghost. It's always so fun to go visit her.

-On Saturday morning we went contacting around the church building because we had time before a meeting. I like contacting around the church building because then you can show people where the building is. And the building is so pretty. We talked to a kid named "D". I honestly didn't think he sounded that interested because he said he wasn't very religious and we didn't talk to him that long. We got his number and said we would call him later to set up a meeting. We called him that night and he told us that he couldn't meet on Sunday or until the next weekend because he has school. That was kind of disappointing. Then Sis F helped me call him back and ask him if he could meet in a half an hour. Amazingly he agreed. We had a really good meeting with him with our amazing member Masha. And it turned out he had a lot of knowledge and questions about the bible. Then in the middle of the lesson the security people for the church building came because the alarm for the building had been having problems that day. There was this huge security guy that kept joking with us and the tech guy for the building security. After they left it was way too late and so we had to go home. Then when we tried to set the alarm for the building it wouldn't work. Big surprise. We tried several times and then "D" said "Shouldn't you pray about it?" He had stayed with us this entire time even though we told him he could go. We were all happily shocked and insisted that he should pray for us. He hadn't wanted to pray for the lesson. We probably stood around for 15mins trying to get him to pray. He wouldn't in the end, but it was still a cool experience. Next time I think it will be a lot easier for him to pray. He was a really really nice boy. We already know he doesn't smoke and he doesn't have to serve in the army. He is also only 21. Yay miracle! We are going to give him to the Elders this next weekend when he can meet again.

Love you all!!!!!

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