Clarice Harrison, a native of Orem, Utah is answering a call to serve the Lord in the Yekaterinburg Russia Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for the next 18 months. She will be inviting people in Russia to come unto Christ.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Favorite Russian Holiday- Maclinetsa (spring)

This week is my favorite Russian holiday - Maclinetsa. It is the holiday that celebrates the change from winter to spring. I like it alot because it means that you get to eat as many blini (crepes) as you want.

We met again with the kid D who we met on the street last week with the Elders to pass him off. After that meeting I don't think any of us really wanted to meet with him again. All he did is argue with us and not listen at all. One Elder said that he thought he had a recording device in his pocket recording our lesson. I am sure if he did record it it was a pretty boring with him just arguing and the rest of us telling him that we know the Book of Mormon is true and that he should read it and pray about it. I think he read stuff on the internet after our last lesson. Considering all this D does have some potential if he were to stop arguing and start thinking about the answers we are giving to all the questions that he has. He said he would try to come to church next month when his schedule frees up.

T came to church and the youth Devotional on Sunday. We had about a month when she couldn't meet with us, but she finally pulled through. We thought that she made some progress this week. We met with her on Wednesday and talked a bit about the BOM and then on Sunday after church we talked about her concerns. She said that she has a lot of doubts about all kinds of different religions because she hears so much and can see good in all the churches that she goes and visits for her class. So in the end she said she gets really sad because she can't see one of them being true. We read the Joseph Smith story with her from D&C and talked about receiving answers to prayer. She said that first she needs to come to know if God is real and then move on to the question of which church is true. We keep telling her she need to pray and ask God, but she is afraid of praying. Sis F shared the really good analogy of how feeling/seeing the presence of God is like seeing the wind. We can't really see it but we know it is real. We also talked about how the best place to feel wind is if you go climb a mountain and stand on the top. If we stay down in the forest (trees = distractions) we won't feel the wind as strong. T was much happier after our lesson and she said she got a lot out of it.

The lady that I have been teaching piano to has been really excited about it and on Sunday played 2 simplified hymns that she was able to learn for us. Her goal is to be able to play for primary. Teaching her to play the piano makes me feel good. Probably because she is such a good student.

This week I also found out that Sis Zaharova got her mission call!!!!!! She is going to the Rostov Russia mission on May 9th. She really wanted to serve in Russia so she got her wish. :D Its so exciting!!!!! She was my favorite mini missionary ever.
Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sis Harrison

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